Member benefits at Fairbanks retailers

Members who show their membership cards at some local garden retailers can receive a discount. If you didn’t get your membership card but you paid this year, please come to our May meeting to pick it up.

Here are the participating businesses for the 2015 year, in no particular order:

Alaska Feed – 5% discount on seeds and fertilizer

Holm Town Nursery–  10% discount on “seeds and growing things”

Hawk’s Greenhouse – beween 5-10% discount depending on item

Ann’s Greenhouses – Ann’s will offer a “Master Gardener discount day” on Friday, May 22nd. 10% off but you must show your card to get the discount, no exceptions!

Risse Greenhouse – no discounts for Master Gardeners members, but they do offer a Senior discount for those 65+, and an active military discount

Plant Kingdom Greenhouse and Nursery – no discounts to anyone, “we treat everyone the same” in the interest of fairness. Fair enough! We’ll list them here anyway, because they’ve done some wonderful educational sessions for our group!


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