Meeting tomorrow, with guest speaker!

Where did the summer (and this week) go???  Come join us to commiserate and share your gardening successes/ challenges.

Our first Master Gardener meeting of the season will be this Tuesday, Sept 6th.  An agenda will follow soon…

Our speaker will be long-time Fairbanks gardener Mary Calmes.  Mary has been gardening off Chena Hot Springs Road for years, and is going to share harvesting practices, a little about fermenting, maybe a little about garlic, and some hints and tips from her many years as a gardener in Fairbanks.

Master Gardeners of the Tanana Valley

Regular Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, Sept 6th
Time: 6:00 p.m. social time, 6:30 pm meeting

Place: Food Bank (725 26th Avenue)

Bring a donation for the Food Bank, and if you feel inspired a small snack!

Time to send in your garden harvest photos!

The blog and Facebook page have been a bit slow lately, probably because we’re all out enjoying our gardens, in between the raindrops. We’re only about a month away from our first fall Master Gardener meeting (Tuesday Sept 6th); we’re hoping to have a good line-up of speakers for the coming year. Send in any suggestions you have for topics or speakers. In the meantime, send your photos and we’ll post them for you. Here’s a sample to get you inspired to share yours!

Upcoming events

Most of these events have more information available on the Fairbanks Daily News Miner community calendar, as well as contact information for sponsoring organizations.

Saturday May 14 :

  • Georgeson Botanical Garden Spring Plant Sale, 10am-2pm
  • Breadline Stone Soup Garden Building Day, 11am-3pm, 11th and Lacey

Thursday May 19:

  • Planning the Master Gardeners of the Tanana Valley perennial bed, 5:30pm-?, at the Georgeson Botanical Garden

Saturday May 21:

  • Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District  Tree Sale, 11am-4pm, Kiwanis Agricultural Hall at the Fairgrounds

Saturday May 28:

  • Hospice Plant Sale, 9am-4pm, Hospice Greenhouse at 20th Ave. and Turner

Saturday June 4

  • Breadline Stone Soup Garden Planting Day, 11am-3pm, 11th and Lacey

Wednesday June 8:

  • Planting the Master Gardeners of the Tanana Valley perennial bed, 6pm-?, at the Georgeson Botanical Garden



Join the Master Gardeners at our next meeting!

Brenda Adams, author of There’s a Moose in my Garden, will talk to our group at our May meeting, Tuesday May 3rd, at the Food Bank. Social time starts at 6, meeting at 6:30.

Summer events and tours will follow rapidly, and I hope you’ll all keep in touch over the summer; we have a flyer explaining how to stay up to date on what’s happening with gardening over the summer. See you soon; in the meantime, enjoy green-up!

MG flyer


Meeting Tuesday, April 5th

Master Gardeners of the Tanana Valley

Regular Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, April 5th, 2016
Time: 6:00 p.m. social time, 6:30 pm meeting
Place: Food Bank (725 26th Avenue)

1. Elections for the Board, several positions open. This is your opportunity to contribute and shape the future!
2. Membership renewals – renew online on our website, or bring your check or cash to the meeting.
Speaker:   Steven Seefeldt, State Horticulture Specialist

Topic:    “Early Detection and Rapid Response.” Find out how researchers are discovering pest species new to the state, and how this method could help control them.

Please bring a donation for the Food Bank.

Spring Workshop Coming Up!


Greetings Fairbanks and Tanana Valley gardeners! We’re having a spring workshop,  a half day of experts to inspire us as spring begins, and save the rest of your day to start some seeds. Be sure to mark your calendar!

What: Spring Workshop, including:

           9 a.m – Eric Mayo, Fruit tree and orchard maintenance

            10 a.m. – Marjorie Illingworth, Water Gardens

When: Saturday April 2nd, 9am-noon (doors open at 8am, don’t be late!)

Where: University Presbyterian Church on College Road

Cost: FREE!

Tuesday Feb 2nd meeting and speaker

Happy New Year gardeners!  For me, this time of year is fairly quiet.  I’m beginning to use up crops from last year’s garden, I’m occasionally remembering to check on the dahlia and begonia tubers I am trying (again) to overwinter, and I’m stockpiling seed catalogs.

The Master Gardeners historically have not met in January, but we are now mere days away from February.  And do you know what that means, ladies and gentlemen?  Our first MG meeting of 2016!  We are going to start off the year with a bang.  Terry Reichardt, long-time local gardening guru, is coming to speak with us!  Some of you may have taken Terry’s multi-week Vegetable Gardening class and received one of her coveted “Terry’s Recommended Varieties” seed list.  She is going to share some “Facts You May Not Know About Vegetables,” and I’m sure we can beg a few recommendations for veggies as well.

And speaking of recommendations for varieties for Interior Alaska, our Master Gardeners have decided that WE need to be our own local experts.  While we do have access to folks like Terry with decades of experience, and we have historical info from the Georgeson Botanical Gardens and the Cooperative Extension, it is sometimes hard to find this info, especially for new gardeners or for those of us interested in trying something new.  Have you SEEN how many cherry tomato varieties are out there?  If you want one for a south-facing deck, how do you decide?

I know that among our member and among our gardening friends, we have a vast pool of experience and expertise.  So, we would like to work on compiling this information, and sharing it with Alaskan gardeners.  Karen and the MG board, as well as many of you who have attended some meetings last year, have been working on a simple, easy-to-fill-out form, so we can start collecting your recommended varieties.  How about a small dahlia that’s easy to start from seed, has striped flowers and FILLS a pot? (Fireworks mix, from Pinetree Garden Seeds).  A yellow cherry tomato that has produced ripe tomatoes for me outdoors every year, even in 2014? (Gold Nugget cherry tomato, multiple sources).  My new favorite potato, with foliage that keeps growing even down to 26 degrees? (Alaska Frostless, from Kurt Wold of Pingo Farms locally).

Do you have varieties to recommend?  Do you have a neighbor who tries 20 different lettuces every year to find the perfect butterhead?  Are you adventurous with annuals or persistent in trying perennials?  Share with us, so we can share with our fellow gardeners.  Follow this link to a simple easy form.  Fill in as much or as little info as you want.

Varieties Recommended by Members Survey

So, ladies and gentlemen, catch up on your rest, ’cause spring is coming!!

Feb 2nd:  MG meeting.  At the Fairbanks Food Bank building on 26th Ave.
6 pm social time, 6:30 Terry Reichardt.
Agenda will include our varieties list and the upcoming Spring Garden Workshop.

Mar 1st:  MG meeting.  Tentative speaker will be Kurt Wold from Pingo Farms

Apr 2nd:  Spring Garden Workshop.  More details soon.

Apr 16th:  Alaska Master Gardeners Conference in Anchorage.  Details soon.

Hope to see you soon!  –Emily