Therapeutic Gardening Group is looking for Master Gardener Support

WELCOME!! If you are new to the group I would like to share why we started this group and what it means to me and other members. I wanted to start with a core group of people, all different backgrounds, cultures and belief systems that felt a little bit or maybe even a lot, stigmatized. I myself suffer from physical and mental disabilities. I wanted it to be a growing experience for all of us and what better way to grow as a person than to grow a garden. I am pretty sure the analogy is obvious, a person starts as a seed just like a plant and it grows allowing for all of the things that it is exposed to in its life time and if it is exposed to love and peace and lots of sunshine it blossoms, if exposed to anger and harsh conditions it withers and eventually it just dries up. As we work towards our goal of a garden of our own I wanted to include everyone who wants to be a part of a therapeutic community. Learning to work together to grow fresh vegetables for people in need and for those that work with us. To volunteer and help our community in ways we are able. We do have a real therapist and we also have a peer mentor. We have plans to hopefully be working with some different master gardeners from UAF during our short growing spring and summer.
In 2015 we are hoping to be volunteering our time to support the Fairbanks Stone Soup Garden Project located at 12th and Lacey.  A Master Gardener Guidance would be greatly appreciated to assist in meeting the goal of harvesting 2,500 lbs of veggies from the local gardens to support the Stone Soup Food Program.
If you are interested please contact Teresa Lyons at or Sarah at
Thank you for your kind consideration
Teresa Lyons

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