Calypso Farm Docent Training – this Sunday

Calypso Farm and Ecology Center is holding a Farm Docent Training this Sunday, April 12th from 1-5pm at Calypso Farm.  Farm Docents are volunteers who assist in leading farm field trips for children of all ages.  As a docent, you will receive training, extensive informational materials and you’ll have a great time! We can work with you regarding your availability and particular areas of interest.  The Docent Training this weekend will cover our basic “Spring on the Farm” field trip material, including exploring the animals (sheep, goats and chickens), honeybees, forest and greenhouse!  We’ll also be serving wood-fired pizza to all participants.

Again, the Date for our Spring Docent Training is this Sunday, April 12th from 1-5pm at Calypso Farm.  During the Docent Training you’ll learn about the farm and then walk through all of the field trip stations, learning about the topics as well as field trip activities.  If you’d like to attend, please call the farm 451-0691 or email Matt at  — that way, we’ll know how much pizza to make!! We hope to see you here!

-Susan Willsrud,

Calypso Farm and Ecology Center

Join up now! It’s a great time to participate in the Master Gardeners’ summer activities.

Hello fellow gardeners

I’ve updated the conference evaluation form on our website, so it should work now. If you did attend, please take a few minutes to tell us what you thought about the conference.
I’ve also added a Member benefits page under the Join tab on our website, so that you can see which local businesses provide discounts to members who show their membership card when making purchases. This is only a convenience for members, not an endorsement or condemnation of any kind. Having run a business, I know it isn’t easy, and I appreciate all our great local growers and garden retailers! If you know of more businesses I should add, LMK.
You can still join, if you haven’t yet this year. I know there are a lot of readers on the listserv, and we don’t see you all at meetings. I hope we can entice a few more folks to join us for our programs and activities.
If you need to pick up this year’s membership card, come to our next meeting in May!
Tuesday May 5th, 6pm, Food Bank building
Finally, our Blog could use some writers!  You can post a photo of your seed starts, a flower photo from a previous garden year to get us dreaming, or a philosophical piece about getting back to nature in your garden. Or a practical tip to help us all be successful in the garden! Or a new book you’ve read about gardening. Sky’s the limit! Whatever you wish to share with other gardeners.
To submit a blog entry, email me and I can add you as a Contributor to our web site. Or  you can send whatever you’ve written to me and I’ll post it with your name. 300-500 words is a good guideline.

Karen Jensen