Membership, Conference evaluation and upcoming meeting

Don’t forget that if you prefer to renew your membership online, that’s an option now. It’ s certainly not required; we’d love to see you at the meeting on Tuesday, April 7th, for a program given by Jim Holm, and elections for Board members. You can bring your check or cash and renew your membership during the meeting. We start with snacks and chitchat at 6pm, meeting at 6:30pm, Food Bank building.

For those of you who attended the Spring Conference in early March, please fill out our evaluation. We’ll pass along your good ideas and suggestions to the Anchorage Master Gardeners for next year’s conference.

It’s hard to believe those little teeny tiny starts in my garage will turn out to be big lush petunias in just a few months, but I know they will; they always have. I squashed my first mosquito in the kitchen last night – March 29th! – so I know spring is well on the way!

-Posted by Karen Jensen


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